Soap Bars

You are choosing products containing only natural ingredients that truly pamper your skin - with no petroleum products or unnecessary synthetic ingredients.  For example, soaps made with organic lavender essential oil possess cleansing properties.  Lavender is a herb with anti-bacterial properties and its cleansing effect is much better than those expensive chemically loaded soaps in the market.  Scotch Pine essential oil is known for its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, being a mild antiviral and Lemongrass has lots of vitamins A & C. 

These, long lasting soaps, which have a natural, creamy, rich white lather, leave your skin feeling soft without drying.  Choose from the smaller 57g (2oz) bar or the larger, full body bar 143g (5oz).  Enjoy browsing through all the different bars - soaps, that is... 

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