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Bath/Shower Bomb Luxury

Once dissolved in water, bath bombs release citric acid which fizzes up and helps loosen damaged layers of skin. The oils in bath bombs also tend to be super moisturizing, and basking in a tub of hydrating oils will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.  We do not use glitter or sparkles because we don't want you picking glitter out of places that should never sparkle.  They are stain free for your fiberglass tub.  Did you know you can use these in the shower too!!  Turn your shower into a spa experience...

Place the Bath Bomb on the floor in the Shower
Simply place your bath bomb on the floor of the shower and allow it to dissolve while you shower. You will be able to hear the bath bomb fizz in the shower, enjoy the fragrance for a long time, and watch the beautiful colors as they swirl around the drain of the shower.  Happy Bath Bombing...

Are Bath Bombs Safe for the Environment?  Many bath bombs contain glitter, which can make you feel like royalty, but, it's not great for the environment.  Conventional glitters often contain microplastics or PET (polyethylene terephthalate), both of which can find their way into the oceans and marine animals.  Our bath bombs do not harm the environment and are drain friendly.


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