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Sweet orange linen water
Sweet orange linen water

Sweet orange linen water

Lavender Boutique Farm

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Orange essential oil has been proven to be uplifting and relaxing at the same time. Aromatherapists and natural health practitioners have used orange oil as a mild tranquilizer and natural antidepressant for centuries. Because it has anxiolytic properties (another word for anti-panic or anti-anxiety symptoms) it can inhibit anxiety and in as little as five minutes of exposure to diffused orange oil can alter moods and enhance motivation, relaxation and clarity.

Is orange essential oil good for sleep? It definitely can be! Since research shows that orange oil is both uplifting and calming, it’s a great scent for brightening your mood in the morning or calming your nerves after a long day.  It's just a beautiful  orange scent!

Remove odors throughout the house and work place with orange linen spray. Just  shake and spritz into air.  It's also well known for killing germs and fighting against pathogens.






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