Shampoo Bars

Bar shampoo has been popular among backpacking and outdoors enthusiasts for years. Making the switch from a shampoo bottle to a shampoo bar has numerous benefits. Shampoo bars are not only convenient for travel, they’re also much better for the environment than traditional shampoo bottles - less plastic pollution. Bar shampoo is essentially the same as liquid shampoo, except that it’s packed into a bar form.  Shampoo bars are designed to stand up to hard water and still help you achieve your hair goals. 

This product is cost effective in that it typically lasts longer than commercial shampoos in bottles. Standard sized shampoo bars can be used for 80 washes—that’s typically more than a standard shampoo bottle.  One of the major benefits of shampoo bars is that they are really convenient to use. No more slimy bottles or difficult tabs to open, just grab the bar and lather up.  If it falls onto the ground while camping, just pick it up and rinse it off.  Can't do that with liquid shampoo.  And shampoo bars are your best friends when it comes to travel. These handy hair shampoos don’t have to go in a "liquids bag" since they’re TSA approved as solids.

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