Baby Shower/Bridal Shower/Wedding Shower

For a Baby Shower you don't have to offer these, but giving the guests a few small, inexpensive trinkets can be a nice thing to do.  Some ideas include tasty treats (like chocolates or themed candy), pretty soap, small bath/shower bombs or small potted plants.

A Bridal Shower is a party to celebrate and honor the bride. It is held specifically for the bride to spoil and shower her with gifts and spend time with the bride’s female family and friends.  Gifts for the bride should be personal gifts such as clothes, perfume, jewelry, lingerie, bath products, makeup, and anything that the bride would want for herself.  Favors such as cupcakes, cookies, or small beauty and bath products would definitely be appreciated by the guests.

The Wedding Shower is a co-ed party where the bride and groom both get showered with gifts and love.  The gifts for the wedding shower should both appeal to the bride and the groom and can be shared with both of them.  It is optional to give wedding shower favors to the guests. But if you want to give a little something for your guests, common wedding shower favors that would be nice to give are edibles such as cupcakes, cookies, or chocolates and bath products.

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