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Lavender linen spray
Lavender linen spray

Lavender linen spray

Lavender Boutique Farm

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  Lavender linen spray has a nice gentle, mild scent that leaves your clothes, linens and home smelling summer tyme fresh.  A time when great-grandma used to make everything from scratch. Shake before spraying as the oil can separate slightly. 

Spray your linens before bedtime. Linen sprays containing essential oils can be used in the bedroom before sleeping, with various aromatherapy benefits.  Great for calming down the busy minds of kids for a restful sleep.

Spritz your linen closest periodically to help keep linens smelling fresh. Clothes as well as rooms can be refreshed.  The best thing about linen sprays is that they are great for large items that can not be run through the washer like sofas, furnishings, cushions, rugs and stuffed animals.  And, due to many of the antibacterial/antimicrobial qualities of some essential oils, they actually work against the bacteria that causes unpleasant odors, not just mask them.  When traveling, very handy to sweep the hotel room bed against any critters that might be leftovers of someone else's vacation. 


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