The beginning of Lavender Boutique Farm

One day while driving to my relative's farm in Chute-a-Blondeau, Ontario, I was pleasantly surprised to see the farm next door for sale.  As fate would have it, I purchased it and started on the long journey of licking the farm into shape.  Thirteen years later, I decided to start a lavender farm to see if it would keep the mosquitoes at bay.  Well, it did!  Even after 4 solid months of rain one summer, there was hardly anything buzzing around my head except my thoughts.  As usual, one thing led to another and this tiny online store started with various products from my rows of some 600 Munstead lavender plants.  I will be constantly growing different varieties of lavender that is zone 4 hardy and coming up with various products to sell on this site.  I will keep you posted on what's up as I gear up for another busy summer. 

(Photo #1) First summer 2015 as the first of 480 Munstead plants planted, phew...

(Photo #2) 2016 and growing bigger.  Ready for 1st hair cut!

(Photo #3) Even bigger bunches in 2017 and ready for whatever my itchy fingers can do with it...

Stay tuned...


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  • Our favourite lavender farm! We love to visit Donald, walk along the rows, enjoy the fresh smell and serenity of the land. Most of the products have also made their way into our homes and we swear by them—so fresh, effective and soothing. Love this place! 💜

    Breanna S.
  • Hey Don glad to see your doing what you wanted to do and it is going good.
    You might want to look at Vankleek Hill for events to go to for your products and put them into shops in Hawkesbury as well.
    If you know anyone who is in VKH and goes to the market on Saturdays you might try there as well, no harm getting your stuff into everywhere right.
    anyway Don hope great success for your business.

    Stanley Barry Smith

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